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Willkommen auf der Homepage des Ratsgymnasiums Münster

John, our assistant teacher from Philadelphia in the United States, and our English teacher, Mrs Neubert, do a project with our class: we write letters to the kids at Far Hills Country Day School in New Jersey (https://www.fhcds.org). John’s friend is a teacher at this school. The kids there are a bit younger, about 7-8 years old.

In our letters you can ask the kids questions or draw a picture. You can write about hobbies, school, family, friends or pets. You can also tell the kids what you like in Germany. After three weeks, they send letters back. We read them and present them in class. It is nice to read the letters and there are some funny sentences. They write about their lives and about what they like, e.g. American football. The project is cool!

Here you can see some of the letters from New Jersey.

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